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The garden

Es hat mir viel Spaß gemacht, die Geschichte „The garden“ direkt in Englisch zu schreiben. Also nicht sie erst auf Deutsch zu verfassen und dann zu übersetzen, sondern beim Schreiben in Englisch zu denken. Sofort stehen einem – buchstäblich – neue Wörter und Bilder zur Verfügung. Hätte ich die Geschichte auf Deutsch geschrieben, sie hätte nicht nur wegen der Sprache anders geklungen.


When was your last encounter with a fairy? You have to know, that they are nice individuals – at least most of them. Watching a fairy at work can be very revealing.

If you are interested: It just happened that I unintentionally overheard a conversation between a young boy and his personal fairy, and so I preserved this rare moment (and hopefully my name along with it) for eternity.

Apparently it was their last meeting at the gate of a garden. The boy just came from where the garden was as colourful as a garden can be. He never wanted to be anywhere else. But he had to step forward. His days in the garden now were gone.

He stood there, the gate behind him, the fairy floating next to his face.

„Everything okay?“ she asked. „You knew, that you had to go. Nobody is allowed to stay there forever.“

But knowing that is like knowing that the ice-cream in your hand will melt soon if you don’t eat it. Knowing it doesn’t make it better, right?

The boy shrugged and remembered the first time the fairy appeared. It was with a bright flash of light, just the overwhelming appearance you expect from a proper fairy.

„How can I tell you the way that I feel?“ the boy asked. The fairy gave him a pat on the shoulder, just a little one, and the boy stumbled. „You fairies are very strong. Are you practising a lot?“

The fairy blushed. „Miracles are not always sufficient for your defence. When somebody wants to steal your magic flute, you have to protect yourself the old-fashioned way. This romantic wizard-stuff is fine, but nowadays you need more skills!“

Not very feminine, thought the boy and frightened. Can a fairy read thoughts? He looked at her suspiciously. The fairy smoothed her wings. The boy was relieved – obviously she couldn’t.

„You have to go now“, said the fairy and shook her wings. ‚Young rascal. I’ll be damned if I couldn’t read thoughts. But I don’t have to tell him all my secrets, do I?‘ – „You really have to go now. And don’t look back. It will be the best for you.“

„Otherwise I turn to salt?“

„Nonsense!“ She frowned. Always these prejudices. „Otherwise it’s harder for you to forget the garden. And you know, your time here is over. You will never see the garden again.“

The boy sighed and looked at the way ahead of him.

„And if I …?“

„Don’t even think about it!“

„How do you …? Are you able to read my mind? Be honest!“

„Why, aah, no …“ said the fairy. „It’s just … ahh … that every boy says the same things at this moment.“

„I see“ said the boy, and the fairy was relieved. „But this means … I was not the only one in the garden?“

„Oh boy – no, of course. Why do you all think that you are the only ones! You are so busy with yourself, that you don’t notice the others. There are plenty of you inside. You are no exception. And all of you have to go at a certain time. And …“ she made a significant pause „… all get a gift when they leave.“

She presented – out of nowhere – a small box, wrapped in funny paper.

„What is it?“

„Something very personal. All of you get their own present, each one different. You may open it, when I’m gone.“

The boy looked at the fairy with sad eyes.

„Go now – do not hesitate!“ she said. She refused to give him another pat on the back. You never know how resistant young boys are.

The boy didn’t want to follow the order, but without further thinking, he simply turned around and started to walk. And once he turned his back on the fairy, she vanished in a bright flash of light, brighter than the sparkling of the sunlight on grandpa Joseph’s goldtooth. She was on the way to a place, where everything could happen.

So now, as the fairy visits the next child and the boy opens his gift to look, what might be in the box, we have to leave this place and look out for another story.

I am sorry, but this one ends here.


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